Lash heaven FIERCE Adhesive 5g *For advance Lash techs Only due to quick dry (PRE-ORDER ONLY)

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(1wk-2 weeks wait time)


It is very fast drying, thin in consistency, works ideally between 20- 25C degrees, it has a wide range of humidity 20-90% and work perfectly for both classic and volume extensions. 

Fierce is unique as it always has 1-3 seconds dry time, no matter what % humidity level as it adjusts automatically.
In drier climate or lower humidity, the glue would normally take a bit longer to set. This will not be the case for FIERCE, you may find the drying time even faster as the glue instantly grabs when it gets in contact with the extensions and the natural lash.

Drying Time: 1 – 3 Seconds
Retention: 4 – 5 Weeks
Viscosity: Very Thin
Humidity: 20-90%
Colour: Black
Fumes: Low
Flexibility: None
Storage: 2 – 10 Degrees Celsius (cool dark place)
Shelf life: 5 months after filling

Before using the adhesive, please shake the bottle vigorously for 20 seconds 

Ensure the nozzle is clean before closing the lid by gently "burping" the glue from its nozzle onto a wax strip prior to putting the lid back on). This will ensure the glue does not stick the lid to the nozzle and the shelf life of the glue will improve.

Keep this adhesive in an airtight jar with rice in dark and cold place.