12D Pre-Made Fans MIX TRAY [Large Tray 20 Lines] - 0.05

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These Pre-Made fans are made from High Quality Korean PBT Material. They are made for professional use only.

0.05 Thickness


20 Lines

400 Fans

Each tray includes : 

8mm x 3 Lines

9mm x 3 Lines

10mm x 4 lines 

11mm x 5 lines 

12mm x 5 lines  


Hand made Minimum bond bases

Just like someone has done all the hard work for you and made your volume fans!



  • It is recommended that you use volume tweezers 
  • These Fans are purposely positioned to the middle of the sticky strip to prevent the fans from distorting.
  • These fans are to be picked from the bottom base of the fan.